As a software engineer with a passion for technology, I have spent the past 22 years gaining a diverse range of experiences in the field. Currently, I work as a freelance mobile architect at Side Effect, where I have the opportunity to explore new design patterns and best practices for mobile app architecture.

My background includes working for both large companies that value rigorous attention to detail and smaller organizations where I could explore my interests in technological innovation and R&D.

Over the first half of my career, I developed a strong foundation in object-oriented programming with Java and web technologies. Then in 2015 I fell in love with Swift from day one. It introduced me to a new palette of paradigms such as functional programming which I now use to bring safety, testability and scalability to the projects I contribute to. I’ve worked with several Canadian and French companies with a strong focus on aligning iOS and Android teams

In addition to my work as a senior developer, I have taken on the role of technical mentor, helping others understand best practices for software architecture, particularly in mobile applications.

In my spare time, I contribute to various open source projects in the Swift community, including several of my own projects: RxFlow, Feedbacks, AsyncStateMachine, AsyncExtensions and others from companies like Apple’s Swift Async Algorithms.

I also like to fly drones and ride bikes along the beach here in Normandy, France.


Cocoaheads Montreal, October 2017

Let’s Weave Your Application: A reactive coordinator pattern.

This talk is about using RxSwift and the Coordinator pattern as a way to organise the navigation within an iOS application. You can find the slides here.

Frenchkit Paris, September 2022

“Swift concurrency + state machines: the path to modern and reliable features”.

In this talk I introduce state machines as a natural way to managing the state in a SwiftUI application. In addition I demonstrate how we can leverage Swift concurrency to run a asynchronous state machine. You can find the slides here. You can also practice with the GitHub repo that the audience used to build the application.