Mar 24, 2018

Elegantly chaining UIViewPropertyAnimators

Usually my posts are mostly about design patterns, software architectures (or RxFlow 😀), but this time it will be different and frankly I didn't think I would write about this kind of topic. But I think I have something cool to share - so today we are going to talk about Animations with Swift.

Jan 2, 2018

Protocol Oriented Tips For MVVM in Swift

Hi folks. Lately MVVM has become some sort of standard as an architecture for iOS apps. It offers a good separation of concerns, a good way to format data and great view binding mechanisms with frameworks such as RxSwift. In this post I will give few tips I use to ease the implementation of this pattern.

Dec 22, 2017

RxFlow Part 3 - Tips and tricks

This is the final chapter of our journey within RxFlow. I’ve already exposed all the key features/principles of the framework in these 2 previous parts, let’s dive into some tips and tricks I used thanks to Reactive Programming.